Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Every breath I take...

I think all this insurance stress has affected my breathing... negatively.  hehehe I've developed a cough which is not that much fun.  It's not a constant cough like with a cold or other related short term illnesses.  It's more of a this is your life cough.  An indication that my lungs are losing a little more function.  On the upside, I have an inhaler that I haven't been using much. It's for as needed - Combivent.  So I can start using it again and see if that helps.  I have one left out of my stash and the expiration date on it is November 3, so I guess this is karma's way of telling me that 1. I need to use it or lose it and 2. I need to order more while my deductible is all paid up on the insurance I do have.  Best I can tell, a 3 month supply will cost me $175 with my insurance.

The coughing hasn't slowed me down in the pool  but coughing under water is kind of a unique experience and not one that is probably good long term.  I do want to make sure that whatever happens I can still swim.

Today I'll be going at 11 when the pool opens.  I put a new mix on my music player for swimming. I'm looking forward to listening and swimming.
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