Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Gettin' 'er done

I mostly do not mind not having stuff to do.  Too many negatives in that sentence.  Bummer.  But, one bright side, is that when you actually accomplish something you feel soooooo productive!

I pulled out everything in the sewing cabinet and then disassembled all the junk. I have two large containers, two medium containers and about four smaller ones.  Each had a mish mash of shit.  I put all the spools of thread together and all the bobbins together and all the machine needles and hand needles and little rulers and measurers and markers... etc.  Note to self, do not buy any more sewing shit.  They make these small rulers with sliding markers - so you can easily measure like a hem or gutter.  I think I have more than 20 of these suckers.  Unbelievable.

But, now, everything is bundled together in their own containers and the containers are back in the cabinet. I left the doors open for a bit so I could wallow in the tidy of it.  It's fabulous.  And my robe is a much better length. I also sewed the facing down.  Much much better.  Whew!


I keep going back and forth about this Balloon Fiesta thing next year.  Finally, I figured out that I want to go but I don't want to fuck with figuring it all out.  I have no patience for figuring out travel stuff - never have.  When I traveled for work, I made sure that the person who booked all my arrangements had all the presents, thank you notes, letter of praise to their management that one person could stand.  I got great service.  When I traveled for pleasure, I always picked, for a travel companion, someone who loved fucking with the details.

So, I need a travel agent.  My brother is actively involved in a group for small businesses called Business Network International.  People from all kinds of businesses get together and promote each other and swap info/knowledge. He's always talking about a great deal he got from this BNI guy or wonderful service from this woman in his BNI group...   So I asked him if one of his BNI people was a travel agent and, sure enough, the guy who got him into BNI is a travel agent!

So now, instead of digging out airline prices/schedules and scouring through hotel websites, I'm gathering my list of wants and I'll let Mr. Travel Agent figure it out.  I want to fly Southwest, return flight landing no later than 7 pm., transportation to and from the balloons,  I need a pool for laps daily that is at least 25 meters long (don't care if indoor or outdoor), great food, fabulous wifi, easy access to baseball playoff games, etc.  My list is way longer.  But putting together what I want is way more fun for me than digging through the world of options.  This actually might happen now!


The baseball game this afternoon is the Dodgers/Cardinals.  I honestly do not care one whit.  I think I'll find a movie on TiVo and just keep and eye on the Gameday of the game.
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