Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sew sew

On my hit parade today may be some sewing. My machine is relatively easy to get out and set up.  The sewing materials are the show stopper. They are as disorganized as they can be.  I can never find anything I need and they take up too much space.  There's definitely a project there.
When I go to the pool in the early morning, I get up, throw on my suit and then I have a long sweatshirt robe that I toss over the suit.  After the swim I come straight home so as long as I'm warm and covered, it really doesn't matter what I wear.
But the robe is too long. If I don't shorten it, I'm sure to trip over it and fall and break something.  I could do it by hand but the machine would do a much better job and it's not like I don't have the time.  So sew.
Today's swim was good.  There were two instructors who taught private classes and took up valuable lane space doing so. One group was there on Monday - instructor/trainer and 2 students.  Another showed up today.  The lifeguards told them about the no private training/teaching rules and they were gone.  I'm sorry they got their plans interrupted but it is glorious to have the lanes back!
I need to do a load of wash before the sewing so I think I'll get that started while I start putting all the sewing stuff in order.
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