Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This 'n that

henare tweeted me a link to a gallery of Balloon Fiesta photos on Flickr and that got me to a zillion more and I put them all into a looping slideshow now showing on my TV.  I LOVE it!!  I'm going to add more as soon as I get to it this afternoon.

I have been using Dr. Bonner Castile soap these days. It works great on my hair and body so my shower needs at the pool are way more simplified.  On the downside, it's relatively expensive.  BUT today I discovered that Walgreens has a knock off that, I'll betcha does the same thing for $5 less. The test to make sure it works fine starts tomorrow.

I picked up 3 CDs at the library for ripping to swim music. I'm going to do that this afternoon.  
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