Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Yahoo Monday

I got to the pool early today because I needed to get my 2,000 yards in and get out, get showered and dressed and to the doctor's office by 8:30.  No doctor's appointment but a meeting with an insurance guy.  I got there way early and he got there way late but ... the coffee place on the first floor is very nice and the clinic has free wifi.

And... the insurance news I got was out-fucking-standing.

My COBRA runs out at the end of January. I don't become eligible for Medicare until I turn 65 on March 28.  So I was in a sweat about the 2 month gap.  Well... turns out.. I was sweatin' for nuthin.

First of all, my Medicare kicks in on March 1! So I only have to worry about one month. And, second of all, I get fully subsidized insurance for that month through the Affordable Care Act in Washington State!!!  I had filled out the form incorrectly before their income considerations are adjusted gross - taxable income.  My taxable income for 2013 and the first 2 months of 2014 is $0. So, I fixed the application and found a broker a few blocks from here and clicked on 'contact me'.  The Healthplan Finder will send my application to him and he'll get in touch.  YAHOOO!!!

Oh and it gets better.  When Medicare kicks in, I will pick up a new insurance plan that works with it and expands coverage and it will cost me $0 in premium payments.  My drugs will still cost me an arm and a leg but not much more than what they do now and I will not be paying the $300 a month I pay now for COBRA so net net the bottom line will be cheaper.

What a huge relief.  Huge.  Yeah!!  
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