Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sunday morning

My main goal this morning is to get out of the house through the thicket of probably already drunk Seahawks fans.  As the pool doesn't open til noon, if there were no game, I'd leave here about 11:30 or after to get there. But, today I think I'll shoot for about 11 and plan on using any spare time reading my book in the car until the pool opens.

I'm thinking about lunch at Catfish Corner which is actually pretty near the pool and I haven't been in ages.  That will be a good lunch and enough time kilt until I can make my way home after the game is well started.

I need to dig out my Kindle Paperwhite.  Taking the tablet out for Kindle reading just isn't working. It's too heavy and takes up too much table room and it's worth the hassle.  The phone is ok but I think the Paperwhite might be better and I can borrow Kindle books on it which I can't do on the phone (or tablet).  I really do have gadget riches.

I've always justified my gadget riches by considering all of the stuff I do not spend money on.  Like travel.  I go one place - Las Vegas - once a year - January.   I am actually, however, considering another trip.  Every year, in October, I'm reminded of the Balloon Fiesta  in Albuquerque. I always say, in October, "I should go to that next year."  But, since I've never been to New Mexico, I know nothing about Albuquerque or the Fiesta, I never get off the starting block.

However, I'm getting serious about it. I've marked my calendar for next Spring to figure it out.  Surely there's some kind of package - hotel, ride to balloon site with breakfast or something.  I just think a few days watching hot air balloons in a new place might be fun and not too extravagant.

Time now for me to get organized.  I can hear the Seahawkians outside now.  I'm getting very crumudgery about drunk sports fans who think it's fine to swoop in and trash my neighborhood.  Getting away from it for a couple of hours will help.  Plus, I need to swim!
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