Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tracking Zoey

I got Zoey on March 14, 2013.  She was about 4 years old.  She was tiny and had giant hairless patches.  The adoption folks said she had had fleas.  Within 3 months she was no longer tiny.  She went from about 9 to about 12 pounds.  But she still had missing hair.  I took her to the vet who suggested it might just be stress.

Now it is October and I noticed today that her patches are shadows of their former selves.  If you didn't know where to look, you probably wouldn't see them.  No more stress I guess.

She's a mellow kitty who is pretty active sometimes and sometimes not at all.  She's pretty curious, plays with toys, is still enamored with the red dot and mostly naps in one place - the bed in the fish room right next to Alf.  Sometimes she'll snuggle up next to me leg to watch TV with me and sometimes she'll snuggle up under the blanket when I'm falling asleep.

She's exceedingly low maintenance.  She much prefers dry food and drinks plenty of water for a cat. Occasionally I'll give her some Fancy Fest.  She will only eat about a quarter of a can at a time if that. I only give it to her because I have it left over. I doubt I'll be buying more.  Cleaning out the litter box becomes a chore of more remembering than anything else.  If I don't do it at least every other day, she works hard to kick all the litter out but doing it daily is hardly worth the effort.

She's a good cat and I plenty of pet for me. I can't see adopting anything else at this point - cat or dog.  We're a happy family, me and Zoey.
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