Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Saturday later...

I enjoyed my swim but I really think I'm done with aqua aerobics for a while.  I'm going to stick to laps until I need a break and then probably do another class.  I do love that I have options to dip in and out of different pools and different classes.

I did discover a much better way to wear my earbuds, I think.  I actually have 3 different kinds and have been experimenting.  Today, I may have hit on the perfect formula for both best sound and most comfort.  I turned the ones without the ear piece (just the bud) upside down and then ran the wire up so my cap caught it and held it in place.  It actually worked pretty well.

Tomorrow I have pool choices... The one way south is open at 9.  The one in West Seattle is open at 11 and the one closest to me is open at 12.  The problem is that the Seahawks are playing at home.  So whatever I do, I need to avoid coming home between 10:30 and about 2.  I think I can get out if I leave before 11:30.  So I think I'm going to shoot the 12 noon one and then find some lunch somewhere after and that should get me home at a good time.

I stopped at Whole Foods after breakfast (it was on my way home) because I wanted some fruit. I really wanted more tangerines but not only did they not have tangerines, the rest of their fruit looked totally not interesting so I didn't buy a thing and came on home.

The baseball playoffs have kind of overstuffed my TiVo with things I haven't seen yet.  I don't care one bit who wins the National League at this point so I'll probably only watch tonight's game, if that.
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