Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy Friday

My day started with a good swim.  The swim team girls were there again today.  The lifeguard says their practice starts at 4:45 am.  You gotta admire that spirit!

I came home and put the laundry away and did some other chores and then headed out to lunch.  I left early and it was a good thing I did because Google had a real hard time finding the restaurant.  If I had paid attention to what I know instead of paying attention to
what Google didn't know, I would have been fine.  As it was I was still early and managed to get in some reading before my friend arrived.  The lunch we delicious and the place is really nice and comfortable. I can't wait to try it out for a Saturday breakfast.

I had a great visit with Kristina.  Really great.  It was so nice to hear how she was doing and how my former employer was doing.  Kristina was my favorite project manager at my last company.  It was just a fun lunch.

Once home, I discovered that the Dropcam I sent my brother got there and since it takes about 2 seconds to install, he had it up and running and it is really nice.  At first it was flaky and I was all ready to get him to send it back but now it seems to have settle down and gives me a much better view of the place.

I sent an email to my ex-boss asking him about starting the temporary hire so that COBRA can restart. I got a nice, quick response back.  He's going to call.  This afternoon, he says but knowing him, it will probably be sometime next week.  No matter when, it will be fun to talk to him again.

I have yellow leaves on The Tree That I Hate.  Here's hoping the rest quickly yellow and drop off.  Some of the trees around town are turning beautiful colors.  I love this time of year.
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