Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Blast from the past - things in threes...

Today I'm having lunch with my former project manager. I haven't talked to her in more than a year.  Yesterday I connected with Kenny Lu whom I haven't talked to in about 5 years.  But last night, I got an email that blew both these out of the water.

In 1995, I signed up with my first real ISP (not a bbs or Prodigy) called Eskimo.  Shortly thereafter, I read an article about a 7 year old and his dad who built a web page.  I figured if they could do it so could I and so I dug in.  I connected via their forums, with several guys (yep they were all of the male persuasion) and one of them  - Gary -  had a web page!  Every time I hit a stop, I'd go to him with questions.

I needed a photo of me - it was MY web page so I needed a photo of me on it.  So I took a picture and a blank diskette to the fast print place down the street and asked them to make it digital.  They wanted to know if I wanted gif or jpg.  I had no idea so I went back home and sent Gary and email and he sent back - didn't matter, get gif. So I did.  I wanted to make words wrap around the picture.  I emailed Gary.  Can't do it, yet.  When Netscape 2.0 comes out, we can do tables and that's the way to wrap text.

And on and on. When I couldn't figure it out, I'd ask Gary. And he was always there with a fast answer. He taught me how to search for web pages using Alta Vista which was the search engine of the time. There weren't that many web pages out there then but I had one and I could find others and Gary was the reason.

I lost track of Gary years and years ago.  And last night I got an email from him!  We're meeting for coffee on Friday.  I'm not actually sure we have ever actually met face to face.  It should be great fun.

My first webpage was  I just looked me up on the wayback machine and the first instance they have is 1997.  It's totally cringe-worthy.  The green and blue background did not render quite that badly but otherwise it is pretty much like it was... That picture of me is exactly the one I took down to the fast print place.  What a hoot.
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