Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And the old is new again

Way back in the early 2000s, I worked at a startup across the street from my house. When it blew up, I got a job at another startup kitty cornered from the first one - across the side street from my house.

The new startup changed names a couple of times and then moved to a new building about a mile up the road.  I had left by that time as had most of the people I knew.

In the meantime, Starbucks decided to buy the building across the street where the first startup was. They took down some shacks and reclaimed a vacant lot and built a beautiful huge headquarters by tying 2 old buildings really nicely with the new one.  Then they hit hard times and decided not to move there and sold the building.

One of the first people to move in was Nuance (the people who built the T-9 texting process for phone and then bought Dragon dictation software and other stuff).  Nuance has the top floor which is part of the old building an part of the new.  Their offices are beautiful.

Today it was announced that Nuance bought the startup where I used to work.  Home again.

I only know two people who still work there and only had the email for one of them.  Kenny Lu started out in IT and his desk was next to mine.  He was a wonderful friend and hilarious cube mate.  He was from Hong Kong and had been in the U.S. for maybe 3 years at that time and was about 23 to my about 53.  We hung out together a lot - the very very very odd couple.  I used to meet Kenny and Matt (the other friend and one who actually worked with me at the first startup - in the original building) for lunch about every year or so but then we lost touch.

On a whim, I guessed at Kenny's new email address and popped him a 'you still there?' email.

In mere minutes I got a 'sent from my iPhone' message back "OMG my BFF!!!!!"  Cracked me up.  He is still there and so is Matt.  They are going to schedule a meet up.  It would be a hoot if their offices were moved into the new building across the street from here.  The Circle Of Startups.
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