Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Madder than me!

We have a system here at the condo. All packages are delivered to a giant locked closet next door to the manager's office.  All delivery services - ups, fedex, etc. have been thoroughly schooled by Scott, the resident manager.  They all have a way to get into the building and have had the rules drilled into them.  So, yesterday, when I checked my tracking and saw 'First delivery attempt failed', I was quite surprised.  UPS, I know, has a key and is one of the best for knowing and abiding by Scott's rules.  They should be able to deliver here anytime they want.

Before I called UPS to bitch, I went down to see if Scott knew anything.  And boy, did he ever.  One of my neighbors had, by chance, found the 'we tried to deliver' notice on a very little used back door.  It said there were 14 packages that we could pick up from the warehouse.  Scott had just gotten it when I got to his office.  I thought I'd have to get the fire extinguisher, he was spitting nails.

So I came back up here no longer stressed about my package but now a little worried for the UPS manager that got Scott's call.  I checked the tracking number I think once yesterday afternoon.  No change.  This morning I checked it and see that the package was delivered at 4:45 pm yesterday.  Hope the driver isn't too wounded.

There is a lot about living in a condo which is a royal pain in the neck but mostly it is wonderful to have someone to fight your battles for you!  I think I'll wait until I'm dressed to go get my package.

And I have another package going to Texas.  Dropcam has a new, better, webcam it just announced.  I sure don't need a better one here but I love watching the one at my brother's shop and have often wished for better there so I bought me one to put there.  Maybe he'll put the old one somewhere so I can have two views.  I love my computers, and my smartphone and my tablet, but I swear, the Dropcams in my life have given me some of the greatest technological joy of any of them.  That is one sweet product.

Today is a trip to the grocery. I'm so ready for tangerines to come into season but, apparently, they aren't as ready as I am yet.  I have library holds waiting.  Happily the grocery and the library are right on the way to the pool.  I'll bet there and ready for a swim at 11.

There was a chore I was going to tackle this afternoon but now I can't remember what it was. Must not have been too important.  Oh well, bears to knit, etc.
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