Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hall conversation with neighbor Ron

Ron:  I want to ask you something. I keep getting this message that Google IG is going away. What's that about?
Me:  That's your home page - the page you get when you fire up your browser. And it's going away?
Ron:  Where is it going?
Me:  Google is killing it?
Ron:  What?? How can they do that?  Why?
Me:  It's their product, they can do what they want with it.
Ron:  Well, they have already messed up all my favorites are they going to take those, too?
Me: Nope.
Ron:  What's going to happen?
Me:  Well, I'm not sure. You'll probably get a blank page when you open up your browser.
Ron:  How will I get to Google?  What if I need to search?
Me:  You can just type in OR probably they will have a link on the blank page.
Ron:  Well, who can I call to keep mine like it is?
Ann (Ron's wife):  Oh we, went to the new Skillet in Ballard.  It's really neat.

Nice save, Ann, thanks!!  And cool about the new Skillet.
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