Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim this morning was excellent.  I'm still futzing with the cap and earbuds to get the fit that will stay in and not gouge my ears.  Keeping them in with my cap is working great except they feel like they are carving their space into my head. This morning I shared a lane with a guy who had an ipod mini (?) clipped to his goggle strap and earbuds just sitting in his ears.  No cap.  And he was swimming fast and furiously and they weren't budging.  I had ear envy.  I would absolutely spend the $$ for one of those waterproof ipod mini's if I could use it without itunes.  I refuse to have itunes on any computer I own so the swim tunes saga goes on.  It's a process.

When I get out of the pool, I shower and dress and get into the car and drive home.  When I get home, now, I get out of the car and walk up a flight of (fairly steep) 10 steps.  At the top of those steps, I have to stop and pant.  I can't make it from the car, up the stairs, across the garage, in one take.  This will now become an action point for me.  A goal.  I can do it when I haven't been swimming so I know it's doable.

The other night I dreamed that I had to have oxygen 24/7 and it was a bitch and a half.  In the dream, I was working out schemes of how I could swim with the tubing.  It wasn't working out that well.

Today is house cleaner cleaning day.  I have about 20 minutes of stuff I need to do before they get here and probably an hour to do it in.

Nothing else much happening.  I have a date on Friday to have lunch with my favorite project manager from my old job. I'm really looking forward to seeing her and catching up.  I have not talked to anyone from work since I left 15 months ago.  Plus, at her suggestion we're meeting at a new place that has me very excited.  The Dish is a very small but wonderful breakfast place.  They now have a Dish 2 that I did not even know about and it is semi-near my Saturday pool!!!  I'm always looking for breakfast places near that pool and now there is a new one and it's a known great!

Ok, time to quit fiddling around and get to work.
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