Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Affordable care

I went to the Washington state affordable care exchange website today and opened an account.  It was not particularly easy but it was way better than most other websites built and maintained by governments.  I had zero problem with the response time.  There were about a bascillion form pages to fill out but I did it and finally got to the Select Your Plan page...

The kicker for me turns out to be my doctor!  There were only 3 plans that let me have him in network.  And they were actually the same plan, just the various levels - gold, silver and the other one.  The cheapest of these is double what I'm paying now.

I only need 2 months worth of coverage so it's really not a big deal.  My COBRA runs out at the end of January and Medicare kicks in on my birthday, March 28.  And the big option that is in my back pocket is to go back to work for my ex employer for a minute and kick the COBRA back in.  He offered and I'm guessing the offer still stands.

On Monday I have a date with an insurance adviser who works with the Polyclinic which is where my doctor is.  The adviser is going to help me with medicare questions and with this 2 month gap.  Assuming he does not have a better deal that re-COBRAing for 2 months, I'll contact my ex-employer next week.  There's no reason why we can restart that COBRA now - it's good for 18 months so I can just use it until the end of March and quit.

I have a lot of options - some are pretty pricey but I have options and I can afford them and I am very lucky.  Plus I have excellent timing.  Plenty of time to plan and decide.
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