Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning's swim was kind of weird.  Yesterday, every lap felt swift and productive.  Today, a lot of the laps felt like swimming through mud. Weird.  But, in the end, I actually did my 2,000 yards in less than an hour again.   Now that I'm wearing a cap, I'm experimenting with different earbuds and today I discovered that the ones that sound the best are now possible because the cap keeps them in my ears.  Nice.  They were mostly comfortable but I have an idea to work on today that might even improve that.

And... turns out that designs drawn on silicone with sharpies don't last more than a swim or two... sigh.  I'm going to make Montrel's cap out of a latex one.  It won't be as nice a cap but the design will stay on.

My brother has his November newsletter ready for editing and formatting so that's on the docket for this morning.

Zoey had developed a waddle.  A loose pouch of skin/tummy hanging near her hind quarters.  She is no longer the tiny cat I brought home but I don't think she's ready for a weight watching diet yet either.
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