Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's a failed conspiracy

My day is trying to get fucked up and I'm not letting it.  So far... I'm winning!

It started out great. I got to the pool in plenty of time. As soon as the lifeguard was on duty, I was in the water.  I had a better than great swim.  It usually takes me about an hour and 5 or 10 or sometimes 15 minutes to do my 2,000 yards but today I only had an hour so I didn't stop.  And I got to 2,000 yards with 5 minutes to spare!  I was kind of proud of me. I had no idea I could do that.

And then my karma went to shit.  The showers - the bright shiny new showers - had one temperature... stone cold. Not even a hint of warm.  Not fun.  Then my soap leaked everywhere including into my crocs which I didn't notice until I started walking.  Try walking in crocs filled with soap.  Not that much fun, actually.  In the car, I discovered what the problem was a fixed it.

I fired up Google looking for breakfast.  The first 3 places it showed me, I knew were no longer even open.  But the 4th one, the Hangar Cafe is one that I've heard about and meant to try.  The route to it was a bit convoluted but finally I got there. It's tiny and crowded but they had some tables outside that were shaded.  So I sat and got coffee and ordered.  And waited.  And meanwhile the sun took over the shade.  I hate sun. It was cool but not so much in the shade.  And I waited.  I finally got more coffee and more waiting.  Finally I flagged down the waitress and asked her how much longer and she said she would check.  And I waited. Now I'm getting pissed.  Finally she came back and said they had messed up my order and were starting it over again now.  WTF?  I said no thanks and gave her a $20 bill for the coffee.  And then waited ... again... Finally she came back.  She charged me $4 and gave me 16 fucking one dollar bills in change!!!

Soooo I don't have to go there any more.  Since it was now closer to lunchtime than breakfast and I wanted to be home, I drove through KFC and got 3 pieces of chicken and coleslaw.  Delicious.  And I still have 2 pieces and the coleslaw left!

Whew.  This day had now better take a turn back for the good.  Now I need to go clean out my swim bag which is soaked in soap.
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