Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

which pool where

There are no games in the stadiums today so I can come and go as I please.  The first pool open today is the new one at Ranier Beach.  According to the schedule, it's open from 9-10 but only 2 lanes.  The two lane thing makes me kind of nervous and I'm not wild about being confined to an hour but... the 9 am makes me happy and if it's a fail, my normal pool opens at noon.

I finally fixed my night time charging station.  I had a powered usb hub by the bed so I could charge the tablet and the phone and the speaker and anything else I needed.  But half the time stuff didn't charge.  Waking up to a totally dead phone was way too annoying so I had Amazon send me a new hub and yeah! Everything works and everything charged last night.  Now I need to find a box to hide it all in.  I have an ok solution but I think I'll go visit the Goodwill next week and see if I can find better.

I got the laundry done and put away yesterday.  The housecleaner comes this week and all is tidy in ready.  Nice to have it all done and not hanging over my head.

Time now to suit up and head out so that I can make sure and get there the very minute they open.
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