Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Swim Class Detention

This morning I got to the pool early and got in my 2,000 yards with some sprinting. I was proud of myself.  Then the aqua aerobics class started.  About half way into the class, I'm thinking 'this is getting boring'.  I started taking aqua aerobics classes 2 years ago.(September, 2011 - I thought it was longer ago than that but I just looked it up - thanks, LJ)  I took them 3 to 6 days a week until last May when I started doing laps every day.  I gradually winnowed down my classes until I was doing laps every day the only class left was the Saturday one.

So today, I'm thinking that even though Montrel, who was my first teacher and still is my favorite, teaches the Saturday class, maybe it's time to move on.  To just do laps on Saturdays and forget the class.  So while in the class, I'm deciding which pool to go to next Saturday for laps.

After class, Montrel stops me and asks me if I was in a hurry and when I said no, he asked me to come back and see him after I showered and dressed.  Whoa!  He'd never done that.

I got all dry and dressed and went back to find him and he said 'You've been taking this class a long time, how's it been lately?'  WTF??? He's now reading my mind???  I tried to think back to during the class and I swear I was not slacking or looking bored. Honest.  It was freaky.   I was honest with him and told him I was getting kind of bored.  He asked about my other swimming - turns out he'd seen my car at the Ranier Beach pool last Sunday...   I told him I was doing 2,000 yards a day 7 days a week and he allowed as how that was a lot.  But, I was quick to point out that it was the ONLY thing I do.  Other than that, my ass is in a chair in front of the computer or the TV every hour I was out of the pool.

He suggested that I kick it into high gear. He suggested that I ignore his class instruction and shoot for harder/faster of whatever was going on.  And he suggested I get some webbed aqua gloves.

I really appreciated his special handling and now I'm all jazzed about the class again!! I think next week, I'll cut out most if not all of the pre-class laps.  I've ordered the gloves. Turns out they are good for laps, too!

I tried out the silicone cap today and it is the clear winner.  It's fairly comfortable and did not pull my hair at all.  The one I got was lime green and I got out my sharpies and decorated it with all kinds of colorful shapes and lines.  Montrel loved the cap and asked me if he got me a blank one would I decorate it.  So when I ordered the gloves, I ordered a white cap.  I plan to decorate it for him and hand it over next Saturday.  I'm thinking MJ's (his initials) in all shapes and sizes and colors.


After swim, I treated myself to brunch which was delicious and then made a quick trip to Trader Joes.  Now I'm home.  I need to put the newly washed clothes in the dryer.  I just looked out the window to see my Gentleman Neighbor Across The Way has already finished his wash. He's folding it now and putting it away.  I can't wait until the leaves are all off the trees and the apartments all fill up.

Knitting to do, a baseball game this afternoon and one tonight and a TiVo full o' stuff to watch...

Plus, I just discovered that Mary Roach put out a book of essays she wrote for Readers Digest.  I slapped it onto my Kindle app. It is perfect restaurant reading except about every 5 minutes she tosses in a phrase or punchline that literally makes me laugh out loud.  Not my best act in a restaurant.  Her piece on calling customer service is a little piece of perfection.
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