Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Pledge Drive Dodge

I wake up every morning to NPR Morning Edition.  We have two NPR stations. Usually they do their oh-so-annoying pledge drives at the same time.  But this fall, one of them had a very short one last week and the other starts theirs next week.  I will be able to totally escape the ear offending begging.  Yeah!!

Yesterday I felt like I might be getting a cold.  With my pathetic lungs, I panic at the thought of anything that might attack them.  So I gobbled down a couple of coricidin. They had an expiration date of 8/11 and probably had no power left - except psychological. And they made me so sleepy that I finally ended up going to bed about 9:30.  I slept great and feel ok this morning so hopefully the cold stays in my imagination.

I woke up at 5:30 which is just before the alarm would have gone off which is great.  I wanted some time to fiddle around and enjoy my coffee before I left for the pool and I want to get to the pool no later than 7:15 so I have plenty of time to do my 2,000 yards before class starts at 8:30.  So far, so good.

Outside of the pool adventures, I don't have anything planned. I may go find some breakfast and/or stop for a few groceries.  But I really have nothing else on the agenda.
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