Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

swim resolutions

The lifeguard that gave me such a hard time on Wednesday, today gave me a very sincere, thoughtful and very gracious apology.  I had assumed that I'd be on her shit list for going behind her back.  My assumption was totally wrong.  She was amazing.  Her apology went on so long, I had time to think that I need to pay attention because this is how you turn a rotten egg into the best eggs you've ever tasted.  It was really neat.

And, best of all, those instructors and their students will no longer be taking up my lane!

Now that I have the whole goggles thing settled (Aquasphere Kaiman's, for those of you keeping score), I think I'm closing in on a cap situation.

There are basically three types.  Silicone, latex and spandex.  They are all cheap and all are said to help the hair situation.  The spandex is the most comfortable but also, I suspect, gives your hair the least amount of protection.  Latex is way more flexible and easier to manipulate but it sure feels like it's pulling my hair out when I put it on or take it off.  The silicone is a bitch to get on but doesn't seem to pull my hair and is probably the best for protecting my hair.  I do think I can get used to wearing one while swimming.  I've used one the past two days.  Hopefully, my hair will quit falling out now.

The new/old parking situation is great.   I traded spaces more than 3 years ago so the last time i used the space I had the giant (to me) Ford Explorer.  It's not particularly a tight spot to get into but I did have to mind the posts with the Explorer.  Hell, I think the Smart Car could do a 360 in the space and never touch the white lines!  It's a breeze!  And the stairs are no big deal.  It's a win win.

Today is music making, errand running, this and that.  Someone left a pile of CD's down on the free shelf.  Some of it is junk but a lot of it looks like fine fine swimming music!  I'm going to rip them today and then I'll just put them back on the free shelf.  Nice.

And I need to make yet another run to Office Depot to drop off more returns.  I think I'll plan it around lunch time and pick up a lunchtime treat off one of the food trucks at Starbucks HQ. It's on the way.
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