Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I set out for the Office Depot store to drop off my UPS package and before I was halfway down the street, I spied a UPS truck, parked with a driver in it... package dropoff complete!!

On to the pool where I had a great swim - no divas, no drama, no lane traffic.  When I finished up, I ran into Julie - my friend who also suffered from the early morning swim festuche and told her about the email from Barb, the pool manager.

Then on the way to the car, I ran into Barb!!  We'd actually never met so I introduced myself and we had a great chat.  I had gotten the impression from one of the aqua class members who knows her that she was pretty much always a Debby Downer.  Hard to believe from her emails and pretty much impossible to believe from our chat.  She was fun and interesting and informative and sympathetic and it was great.

And she said she had told the staff that private swim lessons were not allowed at all.  If that woman who takes up the whole lane with her student wants to skirt the rule, she has to be actually in the pool with her student and be mindful of other lane swimmers.  And she said they also discussed 'lane leveling'.  And to let her know if there were other problems.

Then when I got into my car I found a voicemail from the guy upstairs who long ago asked to swap parking spaces.  He had warned me that he was going to try and rent the space that my car now uses.  I had decided that although I had enjoyed for the past 3 years, using his space because it does have some nice features, I was ready to get out of the deal.  The guy's a weirdo and I wanted out of the deal.  Today's voicemail said he had rented the space out from under me (see why I wanted out??).  Fine. I called him and told him to meet me at the space in 15 minutes so we could swap garage door openers.  He, of course, was not where he said he would be but I finally found him and swapped and now I am done with him!

My regular space is down one flight of stairs and is huge and guarded by two giant pillars on either side so no one can park too closely and I have tons of room.  I will now have to climb on steep flight of stairs every time I drive home but no biggie.  It will be a good test to make sure I can still do it!  Mainly I'm just so glad to get shed of that dude.  AND to get shed of that asshole and her stupid kid who keeps standing behind my car when I'm trying to get out.

All in all a very excellent day so far!  Oh and I have my favorite Chef Anita dinner (chrispy breaded pork chops and potatoes au gratin) in the fridge all thawed and ready for tonight.

Oh and my brother got his network connection fixed at his shop in Texas.  His webcam, which I keep up and watch on and off all day, has been worse than flaky lately.  He got a new modem and had his broadband company rewire everything and wow!  The connection is marvelous.

They have me (my webcam) up and running in the shop (with a sign under it that says Wave to Bill's Sister In Seattle).  So now, they can wave as they walk by and I can see them and wave back and they can see me waving.  (Before, if the connection was bad that usually I couldn't see them but if I could the time lag of my wave back was about 2 or 3 minutes - so wasted cause they were long gone.)

It's way fun to be connected again.

Good good day.  
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