Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The days seem to fly by lately.  I can't believe it's Thursday again already.

The only things on today's agenda so far are a trip to Office Depot and the pool.  I ordered shoes from Zappos and they need to go back.  For smaller packages, I just put a "UPS Pick Up" note on them and leave them in the package closet.  But this box is big and I have the time, so I'll take it myself.

I'm going to try wearing a swim cap. I'm fine with my chlorine blonded hair but I think now the chlorine is thinning it out.  I don't have that much to start with so I'd like it to not be any more sparse.  I tried one kind of cap that I couldn't stand to have on my head for a minute.  This kind I got yesterday is not comfortable but maybe I could get used to it.  We will see. Today's is a midday swim.

Tom Clancy was 2 years older than I am.  Whenever I hear of anyone dying 'so young :)' I always want to know as many details as possible about the cause of the dying.  (My comfort with 'natural causes' does not click in until after age 80.)  So far, with Clancy, the best I've gotten was that he died 'in the hospital after a short illness' - WTF is that??  I need more details.

I was not a big fan of his books but I am a huge fan of prolific authors and hate to see any of them write their last word.
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