Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Getting bees with honey

So after the swim festuche this morning... or rather during... as I was swimming and trying not to get even more pissed off, I thought about my plan of action.  I decided that no matter what, I was not going to let stuff like this ruin swimming for me.  And, 2... I was going to write a helpful, not hurtful note to the pool manager.

My note plan was to suggest a solution rather than just whine about the problems.  I was taught productive bitching by a very smart executive at IBM.  "If you suggest a fix rather than just complain, I'll grasp the gist of your bitch and we'll both feel better about the process."

So my note to her was to suggest a rearrangement of the lane assignments so that  both the private instructors and those who want to swim more leisurely could be accommodated.

Barb is the manager of the pool and a while back, she put up a sign saying 'tell me what you think' with her email address.  The first note I sent to her was to tell her how much I loved her pool and her staff.  And, I think I tacked on one question.  I got an immediate and very gracious reply.  I have not abused the process but every one of my notes has been answered promptly and intelligently.

But today she hit the bell.  She said that private instructors were not allowed to teach at the pool!!!  (except for rehabilitation) and Easy lanes should NOT be reserved for slower swimmers regardless!!!  She's going to check with the staff to see what's going on.

If nothing changes for whatever reason, I am still quite delighted to know that at least my concerns were heard and addressed with respect and speed.

YEAH!  Made my day.
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