Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The politics of lane swimming

This morning's swim was messy, politically speaking.  One lane - as is often the case - was being monopolized by a private lesson.  This always bugs the shit out of me and finally I said something to the life guards and got pretty much a 'nothing we can do' response. A lot of public pools do not even allow private lessons much less give them top priority on a whole lane.

Then, yesterday, one of my fellow swimmers told me she'd gotten kicked out of a lane because two faster swimmers wanted it (lane balancing, the lifeguard said).  I had a not-very-satisfactory chat with the lifeguard about it this morning and then just bypassed the lane pool altogether and did my laps diagonally in the smaller (15x25) training pool.  I swam for an hour and enjoyed the politics free water in the training pool.

While I was swimming, I came up with a lane assignment plan that I think is more fair and sent it in an email to the pool director.  Now I think I'm going to forget about it.  I will always be able to use the smaller pool and no one will ever ask me to move over for a faster swimmer there!  I really don't want drama in my daily swims.

But, if it gets bad, I can always switch to the Y which is not that much further or that much more expensive and has much better lane swimming hours.


The rest of the day is going to be this and that.  It's my payday.  I live on the proceeds from my investments.  I have a guy - a Bernie Madoff but the legal kind.  He makes sure my savings are invested in stuff that earns money. Then, once a month, he transfers some of those earnings to my checking account so I can spend it on Amazon (and mortgage and Comcast).

So today I'll plan out my spending for the month and pay the bills that are ready and calendar those that aren't yet.  I'm finding that the more retired I get, the more anal I get about all money.  I'm a healthy spender but I want every single penny accounted for.  I totally get how miserly old people get that way.


I also want to spend some quality time with my yarn stash. I think I have several months worth of bear yarn in the house but it's some here and some there and I need to get it all in one place.  Plus, some of it is not usable - too scratchy or ugly to bother with - and that needs to go into the Goodwill bin.


I'm also kind of more into the baseball playoffs than I expected.  I enjoyed last night's Pirate win and tonight I'm kind of interested in Cleveland.  For some reason Tampa Bay just annoys me.  I also think that having the Yankees totally out of contention makes the whole thing more appealing to me.  Talk about silly prejudices!


Ok, time to quit talking about the day and get going on it!
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