Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Anita is here cooking.  One of the things she's making is spaghetti and meatballs and caesar salad and garlic bread.  The weather is cold enough now to make that sound like magic.  It will be dinner tonight!

The pool opens at 11 and before that I need to drop off bears and before that I need to drop off CD's at the library and pick up some holds.  So, now it's 10 and I need to get my ass into my suit and on the road here pretty soon.

I'm getting emails from friends (well, 2) who live in other countries (New Zealand and Norway)  wondering if our world here is crumbling.  I can sure understand the question.  If you listen to the news, health care and government shut down is all jumbled into one OMG CRISIS surrounded by man-on-the-street interviews.

<rant>Man-on-the-street interviews always piss me off... I don't give a shit what some yahoo plucked off the corner says.  If I did, I'd go ask him. I would never in a million years agree to be interviewed on the street with no preparation for TV or radio. And I don't want to hear or see those who are willing to sound stupid on the fly.</rant>

This whole thing and the people who are reporting on it are just working tolerance that I do not have.

<oops, more rant>But, is it affecting me in a way that makes my life different this week than last?  Nope.  And most people, I believe, are like me.  So aside from being annoyed and embarrassed by my government, no big deal.  </rant>

Moving on...  to the weather... After a summer of pretty much same weather every day, we now have wind and rain and sun and more wind and rain and sun.  It's so vibrant.  I do love it.

Now it really is time to hit the road.
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