Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim this morning was so good.  For some reasons the early Monday morning swim always seems the best. The water feels so good and it all feels effortless.

My goggle hunt could be over...  I've been using a pair of Aquasphere Kaiman's and so far so good.  They feel great, the minute I put them on.  For the first 20 minutes they are perfect - clear, no fog, no leak.  Then they get foggy.  This morning, I took them off and rinsed them in the pool and then licked the inside of the lenses and put them back on and they were fine for the next 40 minutes.

The last Verizon bill hit the credit card this morning and so it is all a done deal.  I do like my Nexus 4 a lot.  I am no longer tempted by the MotoX.  I might be tempted by the Nexus 5, but I doubt it. I could be set for a while.

Today I will take that bear photo I didn't get around to yesterday.  And that's about it for the agenda. I'm coming to the end of a very good book and have more good possibilities behind it on  I have my next Kindle picked out but am waiting for a return credit to hit before I pull that trigger.  Meanwhile TiVo is stuffed so I'm good for entertainment.
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