Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A fire in the fireplace kind of day...

It is windy and rainy and pretty chilly out there today.  I am safe and warm and dry in here.  I'd light a fire in the fireplace but, it's stuffed with presto logs and I am loathe to dig them out and find a place to store them.  I will eventually but I'm just not into it today.

My morning swim was great.  I'm kind of losing interest in the aqua jogging class but it is kind of an easy way to move muscles that don't often get moved and it's only 45 minutes so I don't think I'm ready to abandon quite yet.

The rain was pretty heavy and the traffic pretty gnarly so I came on towards home and stopped at Denny's for breakfast before I actually ended up back here.  That's enough of a 'do' for me today.  I'm happy to stay out of the way of people pissed off because it's raining.

On the very bright side, it appears that I have yet to really get a handle on my insurance and what it covers of my drug prices.  This is exacerbated by the stupid way that pharmacies present drug costs at ordering.  Because the system is so fucked up, when I actually place the order, the cost is something on the north side of $800.  But, when the deal goes through and they ring up the sale, it's actually $375.  While I'm delighted to save more than $400, I sure wish their shit would get together.

So now, the combo of the Verizon early termination fee and my drugs for the next three months is actually going to be less than I thought the drugs alone would be.  I totally get why people who live on the edge of no money stay stressed out about stuff.  Happily, I have enough money to cover stuff like this, so the worst case does not affect my mortgage payment or food bill, it just pisses me off.  I'm grateful. I am.

For some reason that customer service was not able to explain, my T-Mobile payment didn't go through.  So I had to call.  The nice lady said she fixed it.  The website does not reflect the fix yet and their phone system has it kind of confused.  If it's broke, I'll be off the air tomorrow and can fix then.  I'm only paying $30 a month, I'll cut them massive slack at that price.

Now I have a TiVo full of new shows and old and bears to knit while I watch the wind bluster outside.  All in all the perfect kind of day for me. 
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