Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hurty breathing...

My movie excursion involved...  walking down 4 flights, walking across a two block long parking lot, walking another block to the bus.  Then walking probably the equivalent of 2 more blocks to the movie theater.

Sadly, this was not accomplished easily by me.  I do forget and walk too fast and then have to dead stop to catch my breath.  Coming back was the same with two stores - so probably another 2 blocks thrown in.  I had to stop twice going back across the parking lot just to catch my breath.  Now I've been seated for 15 minutes and am beginning to feel human again.

I did not use my rescue inhaler which was probably not good thinking.

In the back of my mind, I wonder if I'm not just using my crappy lungs as an excuse. I wonder if I walked more, would I walk more easily?  But I am lazy and don't love walking or doing anything in the air.  Happily, in the water is a completely different story.  I'm so glad I can swim.

The movie was good. Very good.  Well worth the effort. Enough Said

Breathing issues aside, it was heaven to be out in long sleeves with a jacket and socks and winter shoes and be comfortable!  Our Summer this year was not horrible heat wise but it seemed so long and hot to me. I'm so glad it's gone!
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