Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This is apparently not a big week for swimmers.  The pool population has been way down all week.  Weird.  But fine.  The goggles I tried out this morning worked ok.  I did have a strap flap but then figured out that I had missed the piece that locks it down.  But, they didn't leak and they were very comfortable.  There was a little fog and a little condensation but easily fixed.  I'm not ready to declare victory but lots of steps above failure.  I'm hopeful.

I've been doing more reading/research about swimming and I've come to realize that I'm really not getting any/much cardio out of the deal.  I'm not sure I care.  I think just moving for a solid hour every day is good and better than not moving.  I really do swim because I just enjoy it so much and I need to remember that and not get all unnecessarily caught up in the 'should'.

I'm actually thinking about a movie today.  The one I want to see - Enough Said - is playing downtown (at the nice theater) at noon and a fancy theater next door to Trader Joe's in the University District at 2.  Both locations/times have their pros and cons.   If I don't leave here in time to get to the one downtown, I'll go to the other one.

I have several things on my todo list but none that can be done until October so I guess I'll take the rest of this month off.

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