Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New Stuff

I have recently had an influx of new stuff around here. Nothing big - just stuff off my want list.  When I sold my phone, I put the cash to my want list and it was fun.

One of the things I bought was a toaster.  I've had a $10 toaster for a while. I got it figuring I'd resent the counter space and take it to the Goodwill.  But I didn't. I resented that it made such crappy toast.  So I bought a replacement.  Only the replacement had two flaws.  One, it burned the toast in the middle but not on the edges and it needed really short bread.  My bread wouldn't fit in the slots.

So I sent it back and got a different kind.  And now, I am in toaster heaven.  This sucker makes some fine toast. I like my toast just before burnt. I like crunch.  Perfect.  Plus, this one has a bagel setting. I've never had a toaster with a bagel setting (which also works quite nicely for english muffins).  It is ridiculous how much I love that.

Bad karma exacerbated by all the fun I've made of the gluten free nazis would say that my chances of getting celiac disease are rising by the second.

I got a (very) used but (very) cheap smart phone - a T-Mobile Comet - I think it's circa 1850. I've had a backup flip phone from Tracfone for a year but it's too limited and too pricey to operate.  I can put this puppy on a pay by the day plan or just leave it no plan and pay as needed for a lot less and have a semi decent real phone backup.  (Plus the flip phone wasn't headphone capable and this one is.)

And my goggles did come.  One pair, I can tell right now, is going to be a fail (they were also, by far the cheapest). I'll try 'em but I think not.  The other two are two entirely different types.  One has a spongy surround and the other really big.  Both feel comfortable out of the water. I'm anxious to give them the swim test.

I do love new stuff. 
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