Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm thinking I should write a bot

A robot could write my LJ these days.

1. Love the cool weather.
2. I'll be swimming in the early morning (if m/w/f/sat) or mid morning (if t/th/sun).
3. The rest is knitting and watching tv.

I do need to make a quick grocery stop today on the way to the pool or on the way home.

I ordered some new goggles and while the place I ordered them from got them to shipping quickly, I think they chose Slow Boat as a shipping company.  I splurged and ordered 3 different not-cheap ones.

I've learned that everyone has a favorite goggle and their favorites are as different from each other as granny panties are from thongs.  And the only way I can really judge is by wearing them for more than 10 laps.

It's all about comfort and fog for me.  I want clear vision that does not dig into my nose or any other place on my face.  All goggles brag that they are no-leak, no-fog and comfortable.  I've never had a problem with leakage.

So I ordered three - different companies, different models.  Hopefully one or more will be winners and I can quit stressing over goggle issues! Now, if they would just get here!!


Not a lot else going  on.  I've watched a few of the new shows and killed the season passes for most.  I have not killed Blacklist yet.  I started two before the first episode was over but I didn't and by the time it had ended I was intrigued even though James Spader annoys me.  Tonight I will likely watch Law and Order SVU.  Poor Olivia's been hole up with that bad guy who has a knife to her throat for more than 3 months now. I feel compelled to get her released.  I'm pretty sure I'm not going to like what the whole thing has done to her character and so the last L&O may get the chopping block, too.


The Mariner games are just sad. Even when they win. I kind of watch at them a little bit but it's just too sad to watch a whole game.  They don't play tonight and then there's only 3 more games before this horrible season is put out of its misery.


On the up side, my new sighting scope is great.  Now I just need more people to move into the apartments across the way.
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