Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thank you, Mom - and not in a good way

When I was little and mad at my Mom and/or Dad, I used to wish sooooooo hard that I was adopted and I had much better birth parents out there looking for me.  This was not a one-time passing thought.  I had it a lot.

But, now, in my mid-60's I know for a fact - no genetic testing needed - that I am my parents' child.  At least my Mom's.

I did not inherit her amazing tennis abilities. She played competitively until she was 75.  I did not inherit her patience.  I did not inherit her ability to get along with anyone and everyone.  I got some of her wit, but not all of it.

I got her thinning, fine hair that rarely ever looks good no matter what you do - complete with a cowlick in the back that looks like a bald spot.  I got her spreading hips (only without the tennis, I've taken them far beyond which she ever did).  I got her wrinkely lips.  They are that special kind that when you put on lipstick, after a bit, it bleeds up to your nose and down to your chin through those little otherwise invisible cracks.  I got her COPD - well, probably, my smoking didn't help but I may have gotten that from her, too.  She was sneaking the odd butt well into her late 70's (she did stop when they put her on oxygen full time, I'll give her that).

And I got her runny nose. In the last 10 years of her life, her nose ran constantly. It wasn't really a sinus thing and her head wasn't clogged and she felt fine but her nose ran all the time.  She had boxes of tissues all over the house and in every pocket and purse.

And now I have the same thing.  My nose runs all the time.  It's not like a cold or allergy or like it's really even connected to anything else.  It doesn't hurt.  It's just totally, 100% absolutely annoying.  And, now, I, too, have boxes of tissues all over the house. Thanks, Mom.


Screenshot 2013-09-24 at 2.26.00 PM
I saw my friend, Madelane, at the pool today.  She went to the open house of the new city pool on Sunday and she says it's the prettiest pool she's ever scene.  "I've never been to a fancy hotel but I cannot imagine anything this nice really anywhere."  She brought me the brochure and the schedules.  They have one schedule this week - soft opening schedule and then the real schedule starts next week.  It's not terribly close but it's also not really a pain to get to.

I live at the green A and the pool is at the red B.

The initial schedule they published had really odd hours but these new schedules are way better.  This looks like it might be a good alternative for when my pool is closed and maybe on Sundays.

I do so appreciate all the great pools made available by the city of Seattle.  Very very nice.
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