Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My Gentleman Neighbor

I'm not going to call him Ugly Naked Guy.  He's going to be my Gentleman Neighbor.  He has his suits all lined up nicely - not OCD, just nicely in the closet. And a fair number of pillows on the bed.  His lights are on and I can see his living room, kitchen and bedroom but I can't see him.  I'm thinking he's in the ah hem loo or gone and left his lights on.  Regardless, it's lovely to have him in my life.

Rain sure does tame the savages who make up the normal Seahawks crowd. They were gone nearly as soon as the game was over.  And the 'hood turned peaceful again.  Nice. It will be mid-October before they are back.  We do have a college game next Saturday and soccer games on Sunday and the weekend after next but all of those are at night.  Night games are fine by me.

We had a lot of wind with the rain today and The Tree That I Hate lost some leaves.  There are still plenty there but I'm hopeful.

I think Zoey is going to spend the winter nights as a comforter lump.  When she goes missing after dinner, I know there is a lump on the bed.  She's so funny.
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