Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good calls and bad

This year, leaving the house after 11 when the Seahawks game starts at 1:30 is too late.  I got out but just barely.

Coming home at 2:30 is perfect.  Maybe even 2:15 would work.

The West Seattle pool is full of fat, white old people.  There are three lanes for laps but there aren't may fast swimmers so any lane will do.

The Central Seattle pool is full of children there for lessons.  There are 4 lanes for laps with a fair number of very fast and very slow swimmers.  Kind of makes it obstacle course swimming.

Honestly, while it's more of a pain to get to, and I like the actual pool and the staff a lot less than Central,  I think I'll go back to the West Seattle pool for Sundays.

I could just not swim on Sundays but, honestly, I don't like that idea much at all.

I did go to Smith for lunch.  I love nearly everything on their menu plus this morning they had two delicious looking specials.  I picked the exact wrong one. It was a mushroom/lobster/fontina scramble and, amazingly, tasteless.  Everything else I've ever had there was beyond wonderful so one bad meal isn't tragic.

I stopped at the grocery and got cereal and bread and peanut butter - all the things I forgot yesterday.

I didn't get gas. I hate getting gas but I really really really hate those places where, unless you pay with cash, you have to go inside to pay.  You go inside and give them your card and then go pump and then go back and get your card.  Frankly, if your customers are the kind of people who can't trust to pay for their gas at the pump then you don't have a place where I'm comfortable doing business.  The three gas stations I passed today were all the 'go inside to pay' kind.  Fuck it.

I'm watching the Mariners game.  It's a game as boring as any this season.  They have the General Manager in the broadcast booth and his tone and manner of speaking takes boring to a new level.  Plus, what in the fuck is he going to say? His whole tenure with the Mariners has been painted with the broad brush of failure.  He clearly does not know how to manage a team to victory.  I think it's time to change the channel.
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