Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Which pool when - football decides

  • The pool in West Seattle - my normal Sunday pool - opens the earliest of any in the city on Sundays at 11.

  • My regular pool in the Central District opens at noon.

  • Swim, shower and dress takes about an hour and 15-30 mins.

  • The Seahawks play in the stadium across the street at 1:30 so getting in and out of my garage from noon until 2 is a problem.

These are today's decision points...  I think I'm going to my regular pool and then, after head over to Capital Hill for lunch/brunch at Smith. I haven't been back there in a while and they have one of my very favorite menus.  Plus, if they are crowded there are other options nearby.  By the time I finish, I should be able to get home.

I need to leave early and find some gas for the car.

Ok. That's a plan.

It was so lovely sleeping last night under the comforter.  Cooler is so much better.
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