Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

ugly naked guys moving in????

Well, really not ugly and definitely not naked but... there are 4 not young (but not old like me) guys roaming around one of the four apartments I can see from my TV chair.  Could I be getting stalkee's that I can actually see??  Wouldn't that be fun?!  And once The Tree That I Hate gets naked, I'll have an excellent view.  This apartment also has a terrace - one of the guys is out there now talking on the phone.  Another is inside putting a pillow case on a pillow.  The excitement is nearly too much!!

The internets were all about the near miss of nuclear bomb from a plane crash in Goldsboro, NC in 1961.  I was 12 and lived 150 miles from there, then.  We were all taught about the atom bomb and had civil defense drills at school.  (They gave us each a big red tag with our vitals on it and we were to put it on in the event of bomb.  Really.) And everyone knew someone who had a bomb shelter.  Becky Gantt who was a good friend of mine lived next to a family who had one.  As kids we all speculated about life in a bomb shelter - how to get in one and what it would be like to live on tunafish and powered mild.  The Cuban Missile crisis was the following year and that really added fire to the fear flames.

A decade after 1972, in a small town (10K) in western North Carolina, one of those private bomb shelters blew up and killed the 5 kids (10 and 12 year olds) who were playing in it. The owner of the bomb shelter was the president of the knitting mill - the largest employer in town.  His own daughter who was one who was killed.  He and his family never really recovered.  Eventually, he gave up running the mill and they put in a search for a new president.  They guy they hired was my father.

I've been thinking a lot about bombs and bomb shelters today.  It was a weird weird time.

At the grocery today, in the butcher's 'sale' section they had two little meatloafs.  They were each the size of dinner for 2 plus a cold meatloaf sandwich (probably my favorite sandwich in all the world).  They were on sale for $5 each.  I snagged 'em.  One's in the freezer and one was dinner and it was delicious.  And that sandwich tomorrow is going to be beyond yummy.

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