Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

no gas, no cereal

Swimming this morning was good but there was lots of lane traffic so while I swam for an hour, I only got in 1,500 yards.  Then I had my aqua aerobics class which I really was not up for today.  But, I did it anyway because I was there and it's only 45 minutes.

Then I stopped for breakfast at a spot I've been to many times before but this time ordered something different and it was horrible.  On to the grocery store that did not have one thing I was looking for so then on to the drug store.  Then home where I realized the minute I drove into the garage that I forgot to get gas and I forgot to get cereal.

Neither is critical.  I think I have attitude issues.  Also, physically, I don't fee great.  But, coming home always makes me feel better and there is not one single thing I absolutely have to do.

My new bluetooth adapter works flawlessly.  The one I had before was fiddly and when it finally latched on, there were crackles galore and it wanted recharging via an obscure cable constantly. I have a USB port right next to my aux port so I can keep this beauty charged all the time without worry about it.  My phone seems to like it just fine.  It feels like luxury.

One of my new MP3 players failed out of the box.  Return for refund and rebuy.  Sure glad I got 2.

Zoey is a busy beaver today and really wants my attention. I was heard this cat guy on one of my podcasts talking about the concep a t of getting a second cat to keep the first one entertained... I've done this many times, myself.  He says it's not that good an idea and often does not work.  Yep, that's been my exact experience.  So Zoey is not getting a new cat for a playmate.  At least not any time soon.  She is so maintenance free and I'm really enjoying that.  So, I think I'll fire up the laser toy. And see if that will keep her occupied for a bit.
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