Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Very sad and true insult to injury or in this case death

Yesterday the first CFO of Amazon was killed while riding her bike.  I've been aware of her for a while and very impressed.  CFO are generally penis owners and she wasn't.  Plus she had an interesting background and interesting career.  It's a major bummer.  I read about it yesterday but today the New York Times added a little detail that I found interesting.

She was hit by a delivery van - an OnTrac delivery van.  I once suspended my Prime account in protest against their using OnTrac.  As a delivery service they add new meaning to the term suck.  I finally, after bitching for nearly a year, got Amazon to put the OnTrac delivery option at the very bottom of the list for stuff I order.

That she was killed by OnTrac is just too...
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