Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm working on different routes to the pool.  My early morning route - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - to the pool is easy. The most direct route is drama free - no traffic, no construction at 6:15 am.  BUT by the time I get out of the pool at 7:30-7:45, both the traffic and the road work have started their day and Plan B is implemented.

Yesterday I went to the pool via an alternate route that was a total fail.  I think I have coming home nailed.  Now I just need to perfect getting there on non-early days.

Today is waiting for my toaster and my bluetooth adapter.  Both are out for delivery - one UPS and one FedEx.  Really not much more than that going on.  I could stand to make a grocery run but I can get by if I don't.

I do need to get crackin on the bear production.  Without good TV to watch, I tend to send a lot of bear knitting time playing computer games instead.  This needs to stop. I have a self-imposed-no-one-else-counts-or-cares quota to fill!!

If it stays cool and/or the sun stays hidden, I may take a lunch time walk.  This weekend there is a design festival in the park a couple of blocks over. I'm interested to see what they are setting up but not interested enough if it's sunny and hot.  Sooooo we'll see.
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