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I keep thinking my drugs are going to be cheaper than they are.  With the deductible paid, 20% of the cost - my cost - is $875 for 3 months.  That's 2 inhalers, 2 generic blood pressure drugs and 1 generic cholesterol drug.  It's a big ouch. But, I'm enjoying breathing.

Gazelle finally paid me for my phone. (They actually pay pretty promptly but I had mentally spent the money a week ago so I was itchin' to get it.)  So I pulled the trigger on my Amazon order.  A toaster, a replacement for my broken swiss army knife, a stand for my phone/tablet, a bluetooth adapter for the car, an external battery for phone/laptop/tablet, 10 pounds of teddy bear stuffing and...

2 new mp3 players for swimming.  I've now tried 'em all I think.  They all suck.  They either don't work (bone conductors) or can't be used easily (buttons too tiny to use when your fingers are wet) or they die.  These little guitar ones are cheap and have great buttons and a very functional clip to clip it on my suit and they are easy to charge and easy to slap music onto.  But they do die young.  One even died within the Amazon replacement window.  I finally decided that it was worth it, they are cheap enough, to buy ala bic pens BUT this time, I got the option of Square Trade warranty for $5!!  You bet! Square Trade will replace it if it breaks within 2 years.  It looks like they will only replace it once - maybe twice so I got two anyway.  So now I'm good for at least 2 years and maybe more.  Sweet!

My neighbor Ann came by for a living room consult.  And, as usual, she was full of excellent advice. I had swapped the couch and chair to make room for the air conditioner.  I liked where they are now but figured for balance they should go back.  Ann said no.  When she comes over, she sits on the couch (cause the chair isn't that comfortable and it's always full of bears).  She said that where the couch is now is much more comfortable for visiting and feels more natural.  We moved the beautiful fish cabinet back under the light and where I can see it which also fixes that corner.


Now I have another wall/corner behind the couch that needs something.  I have a little tall square table I can put there with a small, tall sculpture that would be perfect.  OR a piece of artwork that is in the range of 24 inches tall by about 20-30 inches wide.  I'd love a sculptural piece of artwork ...  I'll be saving my pennies and looking around.  Fun.

Last night was way more comfortable sleeping.  Not hot one bit.  In looking back, this Summer was not even close to the worst. It never even got bad enough to blow up the airbed and sleep on the terrace.  I'm still way glad it's over.

Today's swim will be at 11.  I have CD's to return to the library and an actual book to pick up.  Happily the book is waiting at the branch down the street from the pool.   The route from here to the pool is a simple one but it's been under construction all Summer.  I read last night that the construction will not be finished until Thanksgiving. Yesterday, even at 8 am, it took me 20 minutes to make the 7 minute trip.  Today, I'm going to try a new route.

Last night, on TV, I saw a thing that mentioned the King County Aquatic Center.  I've known there was a serious swimming center in the county but I'd forgotten about it. I looked it up and, sure enough, it's about 45 minutes south of here. They have lane swimming every day in both the big pool and in a 25 foot pool.  And, it's cheap - under $4.  Maybe someday I'll take a road trip and go check it out.  Just for a giggle.

Zoey is playing with her invisible friend who is hiding in the comforter pile.  Hilarious.
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