Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

done and done

I finally went to get that stupid haircut and it was fine. The woman who did me was really nice and comfortable and I was chatty and it all worked out plus she gave me a fabulous haircut.  Yeah and yeah.  Note to self:  next time just get over yourself and go and don't wait so long!

Then I came home to work on the internet.  I did another speedtest and found out that while I was gone it fixed itself!  Nice.

I ran into Neighbor Ann on my way in.  She had left me a newspaper article in the door on Sunday with a post it that said that Charlie was improving.  (Charlie is her only son - 40 years old and in system failure.)  Today she says that its going downhill.  Yesterday they put in one tube for dialysis and cut a tracheotomy in.  She says that his wife is just not understanding the severity.  Ann says he's not coming back and Any can't see that yet.

I told her that if she needed a break, I needed living room help.  "If it gets too much, come on by, I need you to tell me where to stick it."  She laughed and said she' appreciate the diversion and probably be by this afternoon.

Now I need to clean up the kitchen and get some lunch. I'm starving.
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