Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I swum

My early morning swims have just become my treat of the week.  The other swims are good but the early morning ones just have a better everything.  I guess it's the vibe.  No muss, no fuss, no kids, no farting around... the people that get up before dark to swim, just swim.  And it's nice.  Plus we're getting into a groove with the new lifeguards now that their schedule has settled down.  We're learning names and as one of them said this morning 'It's just nice to see friendly, familiar faces.'  Yup.

I just discovered Sugarland. I got their CD's from the library and filled up my water player and swam to them today.  I like 'em.  I saw one of the members on Ellen last week and was very impressed.  She's doing a solo album and I hope, by the time it comes out, I will remember her name so I can order it.

My internet speed has really degrated over the past about 36  hours.  I need to reboot everything and then call Comcast if the rebooting does not fix it.  Sigh.

And I really need to quit talking about a hair cut and get one.  My rats nest of hair is now looking like the rats never bother to clean house!!

My new bed covers last night were way too much but when it did get cold, it was lovely to snuggle in and know what they next weeks and months will bring.  Meanwhile Zoey thinks my bed is now a cloud and she loves nestling onto the top of it or digging her way under.  I've actually never known Zoey in Winter. She's only been here since March.

Ok, enough piddling around.  Haircut?  or  Internet fix?   Which to tackle first?  I think I'll get dressed and hang up my sit and towel and find a coin to toss.
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