Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Swimming was great today. The water felt particularly soft and nice and I had a lane to myself for most of the time. I swam for about an hour and then hopped out to say hi to my aqua jogging friends before their class and then popped back in to finish so that I would have 2,000 yards.  It was just very good.

Then I got home and wrote up a communications plan for the condo.  I kept it very simple since they did not ask for one and I didn't want to overwhelm.  I wrote many a communications plan back in the day - big and small, comprehensive and bare boned - funny how it comes right back to you. I had a very good teacher.  He was a high level executive who was trying (against all odds) to groom me for management.  I remember he took me out for drinks while we reviewed my first one.  He had so many whys and hows and then whats that I suggested making a drinking game out of it would kill us both but I sure did learn.  In fact, about a year later, I had to create and present a communications plan to the then president of Motorola. It was beyond daunting.  But, I did it and when I got home that night there was a bouquet of flowers from my 'teacher' with a card that said 'You learnt Communications Plans real gud.'  Cracked me up.  I am pretty sure I still have the card.

Then I did 4 loads of laundry. If I did laundry every time I said I was going to, I would not be doing 4 loads at once!  The last one is just now finishing drying.  It will be folded and all will be put away today.  or else.

And then, miracle of miracles, I got my Google Wallet account back.  A Google woman on Google + contacted me and offered help.  I gave her the info and after looking into it, she said there was nothing she could do.  That they had closed my account.  I figured I was well and truly phucked but by that time I was pretty much ready for it.

Then, I got another reply from her that my Wallet would be operational within an hour.  And it was!!  Working fine and dandy.  Wow. And yeah!  Now I need to go back and find what it was that I wanted to buy.  I think it was a $.99 app!

Tomorrow morning is early swim and then maybe sometime tomorrow I'll finally go get that haircut.
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