Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Early this morning, I woke up several times because I was cold and didn't have enough bed clothes.  It was delicious!  I think this morning, I'll change the sheets and get out a new, heavier cover.  And then, tonight, I will be too hot. But, I don't care.  Winter's a comin' and I'm jazzed.

I got all stressed about the Google Wallet thing yesterday - I mean stressed beyond what is even reasonable and then had to have a long talk with myself.  I also did some new searches to find people who were locked out of the Google Play store and/or could not buy from Google and, honestly, I found few.  So I really truly am going to try and move it out of my head.

I did hear from the condo person in charge of the new email plan and she assured me that she would not need much from me.  Very nice of her.  And, whew.  I thought of one way I could contribute that wouldn't kill me and I'll work on that today.

My brother is home from his trip to Grandpa land. I got a wonderful email from him all about it - complete with photos. I so appreciate his taking the time to do that.  His son is amazing.  He is a psychologist who works with the state of Massachusetts with mainly patients who have  severe mental illnesses.   He sure didn't get that kind of compassion and smarts from our side of the family!!  But the photos show that he does have my Daddy's hair - thick and full with big curls.  I have hair envy since I got Mom's - thin and sparse and limp.  It's fascinating to see familiar characteristics in people I have never met (the kids) or seen in more than a couple of decades.

Today the pool does not open until 11. It always seems so long between the early morning swims of Monday and Wednesday to have to wait tile mid day on Tuesday and Thursday.  And I always seems to dream of swimming on Monday and Wednesday nights.  It kind of cracks me up.

I also dreamed of this great bag that I found on Etsy.  I do not need a bag.  I do not need to go to Etsy.  And I won't. But, damn that bag was fine.  I have to pay my Verizon early termination fee and my drug reorder in the next week - $700 together.  I don't need to be spending any other money.  I don't want to have to resort to setting up parental controls on my browser to keep me from spending!

Time to get going - I think I'll start with the sheets and then do a load of laundry maybe...
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