Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I knew it was a mistake as soon as I hit enter

I've lived in condominiums now for more than 30 years.  They are great places to live if you hate yard work and don't like dealing with roofs.  Plus, the concept (and reality) just suits me.  But, there are two invaluable condo rules that need to be learned and never ever broken.  Kill your neighbors with kindness (even though they are mostly assholes) and never ever ever ever complain - especially to the board.

Today I broke rule #2.  (And to be fair, rule #1 is not in my wheelhouse but I try very hard to only talk trash about those assholes to myself).

We've never had a decent website.  We have a website but it is 100% useless and out of date and wrong.  Our residential communications is a textbook case of how not to do it. Random useless information is propagated on every surface - elevator, multiple bulletin boards, stuck in doors, sometimes even left on cars!  EVERY occasionally, embedded in that useless information is something we actually need to know.  It generally remains hidden while the communicators bitch that no one ever reads their notices.

They recently (for the 20th time in the 20 years I've lived here) asked for our email addresses saying they wanted to start using email to communicated.  Already I have 2 email filters to catch the drivel they send out and send it right to trash. Now I'm going to need more?????

Meanwhile, what I really need to know I can only get from neighbor Ann cause she's nosy enough to go around chatting up the board president and the resident manager.

So when they sent out the 'give us your email address form' yet again' I send the following to the board:  (The Florentine is the name of the building and EMB is the management company we hire to manage it.)

I have long wanted a smart email communications program for the Florentine (not to mention a decent - or at least up to date - website) so I am glad to see that you are making this step.

BUT I would like to encourage you to really make this new email communications smart.  Junk mail spoils all important mail. Please confine it to Florentine information that I cannot get anywhere else.

  • Exclude redundancy. I see the same info on the garage bulletin boards, in the elevator and in the cheap plastic frames next to the elevators. The junk news hides the important stuff.

  • Move the sport/stadium info to the garage. At the least do not tell me ‘there are no games this week.’  I can get the schedules in the garage if I want them.

  • Do NOT send me government traffic information - I can sign up for that myself if I want it.

(EMB has been forwarding junk mail about city traffic issues and the viaduct for more than a year.  I never requested it and I’ve asked to be excluded (request ignored) - so I’m forced to program my email to just trash all those notes. This is the exact opposite of good communication. )

The minute I hit send, I knew I shouldn't have done it.  If you live in a condo, you only have the right to bitch if you want to help fix the problem.  I don't want to help.  Working with condo people is right down there with root canals on my list of things I never ever ever want. But I was too late and our board chairman (who is also my friendly attorney) is too fast.

He zapped back a note thanking me for my input and requesting my help in making the email program work.  ARUGH.  I knew better.  I did.  Crap. Crap. Crap.  At least there is someone in charge and she's a real doer so maybe it won't be horrible.  I know it will.

I think I'll print up my two rules and frame them in hopes I'll never break them again.  Crap!!


I sold my Samsung Note2 to Gazelle.  They have received it and I should get the $$ tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. If you select Amazon gift card instead of cash you get an extra bit.  Unless they find a fault with my phone - which they shouldn't - I'll get a total of $248.50 in Amazon credit.  Knowing I was going to do this, I haven't bought anything on Amazon in weeks.  I put everything on a wish list.  I just moved that wish list to the cart and the total is $226.99.  Gazelle better hurry or selling them my phone will end up costing me real cash!
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