Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

done and i don't have the scars to prove it!!!

It is a bit too warm for long sleeves and gloves but happily I didn't notice til I was done.  The air conditioner is unplugged and drained. I cleaned the filters and took the batteries out of the remote and wrestled it all into the storage closet.  Ahhhhh  Then I found a place for the glass door insert.  I vacuumed up the terrace and then cleaned out the vacuum canister (which is never a good thing because it is nothing but dust into the lungs but today, no prob!).  I even rehung the crooked picture in the living room!  I put everything away, switched out of my long sleeved shirt and shucked my gloves and voila!!  no new bruises!!!

I am so declaring success.  Fan on and I'm cooling down.  Quite proud of myself.  And I have my corner back again.


That table and plant is too puny for the space.  I have a couple of taller options but I think I'm going to wait til neighbor Ann comes by and consult with her.  She always has great space ideas.    For now, I'm good.  (Zoey was a huge help.  She's under the bedspread in the middle of the bed.  Apparently, she's taking the morning off.)
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