Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night was really something... non stop yelling and screaming in the street outside my terrace from about 4 pm until I went to sleep at 11pm.  In addition to the halftime fireworks, fireworks at every Seahawks score and, I think, at every quarter, there was a whole lot of lightening and thunder.  Way more than I have every seen and heard in Seattle in the 20+ years I've lived here.

It was really weird being up here 4 stories up, dry and away, kinda, from the noise.  This morning, it was a little tricky to maneuver in the dark around the garbage trucks but I was glad to see them.

Now it is quiet again and, thanks to the trees, I cannot see how big the mess is.

There was a big soccer game on Friday night in the same stadium and apparently more than a few condo residents were not able to get home because of the crowds and the cops trying to control the crowds.  There is a white board in the garage next to the manager's office and it was full of complaints.

I'm glad there's usually no place I want to go at night.

I can't complain tho. It's not like the Kingdome was hidden when I bought the place.  It had the traffic that we now get for two stadiums so I knew what I was getting into and mostly I really enjoy the excitement living near a stadium brings.

I noticed yesterday that whenever I moved, my breathing was not that good.  I was panting and out of breath a lot.  This morning seems a bit better and, thankfully, it was fine and dandy for swimming.  I am so grateful that I can swim for as long as I like with no breathing problems at all.  I don't know how that works or why but oh man am I so very glad it does.

Today, assuming I can breathe, I am going to put that air conditioner away.  That means draining it, cleaning the filters, removing the tubing and taking out the slide door panel that I use to vent through.  And it's pretty much guaranteed to sprout blood bruises and my hands and arms.  I'm going to try and wear gloves and long sleeves and hope that helps.
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