Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

google issues now goggle issues grrrrrrr

I was prematurely encouraged by my new goggles.  Today, half way done, the new ones were no longer clear and digging holes in the sides of my nose and divets under my eyes.  I got out of the pool and got my old ones and ahhhhh I could see and my face no longer hurt.

I think the foggy thing is likely exacerbated by the temperature.  The temperature of me and of the water. Low front meets high front or something.  Today's pool was pretty warm.  But the face digging thing is not that much fun.  I don't tighten the strap too much - just enough to keep them on my head.  I kind of get the feeling that my fat face sucks them in to hard that that's what's causing the digging.

Or I just haven't found the right goggles.  Or there are not right goggles.

I did have a good swim.  And then stopped for a delicious burger.  The route from the pool/burger 'hood to my house is along s stretch of road that is PACKED with football fans hanging before the game which starts in 4 hours.  There is a haze of barbecue grill smoke starting 3 miles from here.   If alcohol breath was visible, I likely would not have made it home.  By the time the game is over, I doubt there will be a sober soul in a 5 mile area. I am home and am not leaving until tomorrow morning.  It's not safe out there.

Two people got stabbed (1 dead, 1 critical - happened 3 blocks from here) after the soccer game last Friday and those are the sane fans.

The air conditioner is not getting put away today because already it is too loud to hear the TV with the door open.  So door is closed and if it gets warm in here, I might need a shot of A/C.  Tomorrow's soon enough for the wintering.

The Mariners loss is in the final innings.  I have 3 hours of Silk lined up once I finish CBS Sunday morning. All is good.
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