Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sunday thoughts

I am just twisting myself into a pretzel over this Google wallet thing. It's stupid. This problem is not a problem.  I do not need to buy anything from Google so I don't even really need the wallet. I buy any music I need from Amazon. Ditto for video.  I can get apps from Amazon.  I have a Pixel laptop, a Nexus tablet and a Nexus phone - there's nothing left in the devices store that I need to buy.

It's exacerbated by my having plenty of time to focus on it and not a lot of other stuff to worry about so actually, I should take the whole thing as pretty darned good indication of a lovely life and quit worrying about it.

I remembered yesterday to get a housewarming gift ordered for Anita.  She and her husband bought a new house and likely next time she comes to cook, they will be all moved.  I ordered her a a dogwood tree kit.  If anyone can get a dogwood tree out of a mailorder can, she's the one.  We don't have a lot of dogwoods here in this area and they are so beautiful.  Anyway, it should be here by the first Tuesday in October when she comes next.

My brother, visiting his son outside Boston, went to Friendly's yesterday.  He had a hot dog and a hot fudge sunday.  He sent pictures. God, I miss Friendly's.  He's has 2 little granddaughters there (a third lives in Minneapolis) - 2 and 5.  They call him Grandpa.  Little girls call my baby brother, Grandpa.  Life is full of wonder.

I was all set to go get Croque Madame for lunch today until I saw a tweet that there is a car show and they have the streets near the restaurant all blocked off.  Thankgod for Twitter.  So I'll be at the pool when it opens at 11 and then probably go back to Luna Park for my apres swim meal.  Luna Park has equally good lunch and breakfast and I don't have to decide til I get there.

It's so amazingly cool.  We're supposed to have rain this evening.  I think maybe this afternoon I'll put the air conditioner into its winter closet.  It will be nice to reclaim that corner for me.  The air conditioner isn't the ugliest but not having it clutter the living room is way better.  Plus the psychology of I No Longer Need It is huge.
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